Falcons Demolish Giants 34-0


Photo by: Chris Keane/Icon SMI

In a game that meant so much to New York, Atlanta made a statement by shutting them out.  The Falcons needed this win to prove that they truly are the elite team in the NFC.  The wasn’t close, and never was.  Elie Manning barely completed half his passes finished with 2 interceptions.  Matt Ryan was nearly perfect, completing 23 of 28 for 3 scores.  He spread the ball all over the field, with Harry Douglas as his top receiver.  Last week was a bad loss to Carolina, but they did not have any hangover on Sunday.  With the win, they sealed the NFC South, not like it was ever in doubt.  Still, it is one last burden on the team preparing for the playoffs.  They are still the odds on favorites for home field advantage throughout the playoffs which is huge.

I’m honestly shocked that Atlanta played so well against the Giants.  New York had so much to play for in this game but laid an egg.  Atlanta’s offense was unstoppable and Eli Manning could never get his team back into the game.  There has never been a doubt that Atlanta has a good offense, but the defense has been up and down all year.  They played their best in this one, recording their first shutout of the year.  Samuel and DeCoud both recorded interceptions and Chris Hope finished with a third turnover recovering a fumble.

Next up for Atlanta is a trip to Detroit where they can seal home field advantage.  That will be huge for the Falcons who are 7-0 in the Georgia Dome.  This game very well could be a rematch in the playoffs.  If the Giants can seal the NFC East and win their first playoff game, they will likely make a trip to Atlanta to face off with the Falcons.  The rematch would be very heated considering how they poured it on over New York in the first trip.  For now though, Atlanta will be looking to seal home field advantage and prepare for the upcoming playoffs.

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