Falcons Pregame

The Cowboys always make for an interesting week.  Whenever they are about to play a big game, they start talking about how they are going to win.  The problem is, they usually don’t.  I have to say though, they always give me a little scare.  They have a lot of talent on the team, and if they ever could bring it all together, they could make a serious run.  However, they are as mistake prone as ever this year.

The Falcons come into this one pretty healthy.  Sean Witherspoon will not play, but Dallas has been miserable running the ball this year anyways.  Kevin Cone is not going to play either, but Harry Douglas should.  I’ll take the trade off any day.  Douglas could be an important cog in this one with Claiborne and Carr likely shadowing White and Jones.

As for the Cowboys, Kevin Ogletree is unlikely to play in this one.  He had a memorable week one against the Giants, but has done little since then.  However, this is good news for the Falcons.  The reason Ogletree was such a factor in that one was because of the lack of good nickel corner.  I was a bit concerned that Romo might look his way with Samuel and Robinson covering Austin and Bryant, but that doesn’t look to be an issue.  Demarco Murray will not play, and Felix Jones is playing a bit banged up.  That is not good news for Dallas who have done little on the ground this year.  Look for a pass heavy attack from Big D.  Dez Bryant, who hit the turf hard last week on his near TD should be active, but may be a bit gimpy.  Another bad sign for Dallas.  The game is on at 8:20 on NBC.

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