Falcons Head to Landover


Photo by: FansTurn

The high powered Falcons offense head to DC to face the brutal Redskins pass defense.  I talked about how the Falcons couldn’t look ahead of the Panthers last game, and the same remains true for this week, no matter how one-sided this matchup seems.  Once again this game will come down to how many points the Falcons will put up, and if the opponent can keep up.  My guess is no.  RGIII is of course the star of this team.  Washington gave about a million draft picks for the right to draft him.  So far he is been an electric player that has at least made the team exciting.  The results have been mixed thus far, with the team sitting at 2-2.  Now, nobody had the Redskins making a complete turnaround, so they are still very much beatable this year.

They did add some weapons to the offense besides the signal caller.  Pierre Garcon is the #1 receiver, and should be as close to 100% this game since week one.  They connected very well that game, so that is something to look out for.  The Falcons secondary had a setback last week, but I don’t this offense is as good as Carolina on a good day.  The other rookie making headlines is Alfred Morris.  The running back has easily been the top rookie in the backfield of any team and is looking like an absolute steal in the 6th round.  Mike Shanahan knows his RB’s, so this should come as no surprise.  The running game will be a big factor in this one unless Atlanta jumps out to a big lead quickly.

The reason I don’t see this one going to the Skins is because of their defense.  Without two of their top pass rushers, they just haven’t been able to put consistent pressure on the QB.  Giving Matt Ryan any time will result in a lot of big plays.  With this no huddle offense they won’t be able to make many substitutions either, which should make the pass rush even less of a factor.  If Ryan continues to play as he has, this could turn into a rout.

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