Falcons Look To Remain Undefeated Against San Diego

One of the break out teams this season has certainly been the Atlanta Falcons.  The team has looked sharp on both offense and defense with an easy win in Kansas City and a hard fought victory against the Peyton Manning led Broncos.  They will need to keep all of their ducks in a row this Sunday if they wish to remain unbeaten against a San Diego Chargers team that also has no losses on the season.

The main way the Falcons can off the Chargers in week 3 is by handling their defense effectively.  Atlanta will need to get the kinks worked out that they discovered when Manning found his rhythm last Monday.  If they allow quarterback Phillip Rivers looks down the field, it could be a rough trip to San Diego for the Falcons.  Add to that the fact that running back Ryan Mathews is returning from a clavicle injury he suffered in preseason and the Atlanta defense has a lot to deal with this week.  If they remain strong and keep their secondary making interceptions, they should have a great game.

As for the Falcons offense, they just look remarkable.  Quarterback Matt Ryan looks to be in the best playing shape of his life and he has two of the best receivers in the league at his disposal in Julio Jones and Roddy White.  They offer more than enough distractions for the Chargers D to get flustered and give up big run yards to Michael Turner.

Taking the Falcons on your NFL picks this week may look risky at +3 against a superb Chargers team, but it may prove to be a good gamble.  If their defense can make the adjustments and Matt Ryan continues to destroy at the quarterback position, this team looks primed for a great rest of the season.

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