Falcons Offense Poised to Show Dominance Against Broncos

Two teams that the entire league cannot stop talking about this week are the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos.  This is for a reason.  Both teams looked dominant in week 2 and lead themselves to quite decisive victories.  While this should make for a great match up in the late game of week 2, the Falcons are just too strong a team for the Broncos to cover the NFL odds and get within three points of them.

One of the reasons the Falcons are such a dominant team as of late is because of their quarterback, Matt Ryan.  He has been playing at a high level for a few years now, but looked absolutely insane on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.  He put up 299 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions or fumbles.  He played pretty much a perfect game against a defense which, while by no means is at the top of the hill, certainly isn’t the Jaguars D.  This bodes well for the Falcons on Sunday against the Broncos.

Ryan’s number one target on Sunday, Julio Jones, is also a big reason why the Falcons will be able to trounce the Broncos in week 2.  He racked up 108 receiving yards and two touchdowns last week with only six receptions.  This is an insane total that shows why many, including Jerry Rice, believe that Jones the best receiver in the league.  While Roddy White is also a solid wide out for the team and will pull his fair share in the following weeks, it is clear that there has been a changing of the guard so to speak.  Julio Jones is the wide receiver of the future for a extremely strong Atlanta Falcons team.

While Peyton Manning and company will put up a fight this coming Sunday night, the Falcons will end up coming out on top and covering the spread.  Matt Ryan and Julio Jones’ dominance is only one of a host of resins why.

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