Matty Ice Ready For Manning, Monday Night

It has to be a bit scary for Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan to prepare for this week’s Monday Night Football clash against the Denver Broncos. Not only is he going to have the likes of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil staring him in the face when he is calling signals from under center, but he also has QB Peyton Manning waiting to get back on the field when it is Denver’s turn on offense.

Maybe the man they call Matty Ice should be a bit more confident, though.

Ryan went 23-of-31 for 299 yards and a total of four touchdowns in last week’s romp over the Kansas City Chiefs. It was an easy game to make NFL picks on the Falcons, though we all know that it won’t be as easy this time around against Denver.

Still, when you look at the weapons that the Falcons have to deploy, it is amazing to think that the possibility is even there for anyone to stop them. Julio Jones had 108 yards and two scores last week, while Roddy White had six receptions for 87 yards. Tony Gonzalez went for 53 and a TD, and all of that came without Michael Turner even having all that great of a game on the ground.

Granted, we know that it is going to be awfully tough going against the Denver secondary. Quarterbacks are wise to try to stay away from the side of the field that Champ Bailey is defending, but last week, Tracey Porter had himself a pick six off of QB Ben Roethlisberger as well.

Big Ben doesn’t have receivers like this, though.

Over the course of the last five seasons, White has 471 receptions, 6,422 yards, and 42 TDs. Jones found the end zone eight times, and he averaged 17.8 yards per catch. Gonzalez, easily a first ballot Hall of Famer, had 80 catches and 875 yards, marking the 14th straight season in which he had at least 59 receptions.

With weapons like that, it’s no wonder why the Falcons are favored by a field goal over the Broncos at home on Monday Night Football.

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