Packers vs Falcons Preview

This week Atlanta has a rematch of last years divisional playoff game with Green Bay. The Falcons will look to avenge their loss in that game, and to get their season back on track. The Birds will have to play a nearly flawless game in my opinion, if they even want a chance to win. Matt Ryan will have to be at his very best against the Packers D, and his recievers cannot drop a ball. The best way for Atlanta to control the game is a heavy dose of Michael Turner, and play action passing to TE Tony Gonzalez. If the Falcons can hold the ball and avoid turnovers they may have a shot.

Defensively, this game spells trouble. The Packers have a deadly passing attack, which has been burning the entire league all year. The Falcons secondary isn’t anything to write home about anyway, so this will be a nightmare unless the front 7 can put Aaron Rodgers on his back. The Birds will have to have a huge effort to overcome the mismatches the Packers provide with their offense. I see 2-2 turning to 2-3 with a 38-24 loss to the Pack Attack. Check back for a recap of the game, and if your a Falcons fan, hope that I’m wrong.

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