Falcons vs Seahawks Recap

The Falcons did what they had to do, and eeked out a tough fought 30-28 win in Seattle on Sunday. QB Matt Ryan played well, throwing for 291 yards and a touchdown, with no picks. He moved the ball effortlessly in the 1st half and set up Michael Turner for 2 scores, as they led 24-7 at half time. Turner was a brute, averaging only 2.7 ypc, but wearing down the Seattle defense with tough inside running. Ryan also got into the rushing attack with a few key scrambles, totaling 26 yards, for a couple of 1st downs. Rookie WR Julio Jones had his biggest day as a pro with 11 catches for 127 yards. Look for him to continue to grow in the Atlanta offense and add more production.

Defensively, the Falcons left a lot to be desired. After leading by 17 at half, they allowed 3 TD’s and had to hold the Seahawks to a 61 yard FG attempt to win the game at the end. Tavaris Jackson threw for 319 yards, a career best, and he also had 3 TD’s. This team was built to have a heavy pass rush, and they aren’t getting it. They are not good enough in the secondary to cover for a long time. If Atlanta is going to step up and be the team everyone predicted them to be, they will need more pressure, and better tackling. They have recorded only 5 sacks on the season. Not good enough. Next week the Falcons will take on the defending Super Bowl champs, Green Bay. Check back for a game preview.

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