Falcons vs Seahawks

This week the Falcons head to noisy Seattle to take on the 1-2 Seahawks in a road matchup that looks easy, but could prove tough for Atlanta. The Seahawks have always been known to be hard to play in Seattle, and they already knocked off their division rival the Cardinals at home. If Atlanta wants to avoid an upset they will need to do a better job of protecting Matt Ryan. He has been sacked 13 times already this year, and although Seattle isn’t known for defense, it’s always a rough spot for opposing offenses. Running the ball should be paramount for the birds to help to keep a good balance.

The Seahawks offense led by Tavaris Jackson and Sidney Rice isn’t exactly stellar, but if you don’t contain Jackson he can be a problem. Atlanta’s run defense has to be on point against Marshawn Lynch after he had a comeback game last week against Arizona.  I see the dual threat QB giving the edges of the Falcons D a lot of trouble. Look for an upset, and a devastating blow to the Falcons season, as they lose 21-17.

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