Game 1 Recap

“Disappointed, not discouraged.” Those were the words of Falcons coach Mike Smith. They will be words to live by for a Falcons team who lost 30-12 to the Bears week 1. In a game that was never really in doubt, the Falcons D allowed Jay Cutler to throw for 312 yards and 2 td’s. He targeted 8 different Bear recievers during his aerial display. Rb Matt Forte caught a 56 yard screen pass for a TD when the teams were tied 3-3 in the 1st quarter. The one positive for the Falcons D was pressure on the QB. They sacked Cutler 5 times, and hit him many more. It wasn’t enough though, and the the Bears offensively looked like a mismatch for the dirty birds. A late pick 6 by Kroy Biermann provided the only Atlanta score.

On the offensive side of things, the Falcons really never established a strong drive throughout the game. Michael Turner hit one big 56 yarder, but no Atlanta drive ended in a score. Matt Ryan was picked off on a nice play in the 2nd quarter by LB Brian Urlacher. The rhythm never came together for the birds. They were held to 2 Matt Bryant field goals, one in each half. If the Falcons want to meet expectations they have for this season they will have to improve on many areas from this week. They were 4-13 on 3rd down, which is not gonna cut it. The Falcons also fumbled twice for a grand total of 3 turnovers. They were 0-2 in the red zone, and were beaten in the possession battle 33:19 to 26:41. All of these things have to be fixed in order to be successful.

The schedule doesn’t get an easier as the birds next opponent is the Eagles, coming off a week 1 win at St.Louis. This is a home game in Atlanta so the Falcons need to get on the board with a big win. A loss would send the team into a panic stage as week 3 division opponent Tampa Bay looms. Meet me back here later in the week for a game preview. See you here Falconians!

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